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Your Experience…Elegance at Sea!
Imagine yourself sailing pristine, turquoise waters that you can actually touch from the Yacht; anchoring off a deserted island, enjoying the crystal-white beaches and golden sunshine; then being mesmerized by the most amazing sunset you have ever seen! Going beyond the typical large, cruise ship experience, sailing from island to island offers you the opportunity to fully meld into the “island” culture.

Our desire at Harmony Yacht Vacations is to provide a truly VIP-Concierge experience. Our yachts throughout the world have been chosen for the finest quality and service in the industry. Each year our staff monitors and evaluates each yacht within our high standards to insure consistency throughout the fleet, guaranteeing you the best experience possible.  Our office will walk you through the entire process to ensure that your expectations are met including facilitating all paperwork and logistics. In addition, we offer support for air travel and even help with excursions before or after your yachting trip. We work the details for you so you can enjoy your experience.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the Harmony Yacht Vacations yachting experience:

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