Sailing Cuba

Sailing Cuba
Harmony Yacht Vacations is the premier US-based yacht charter company offering FULL and LEGAL yacht passages to the island of Cuba!

CubaVisit Before It Changes! – Over 10 years and thousands of persons later, our staff has more experience operating legal travel to Cuba than any vessel charter company operating within the United States. With the recent changes in the US government and an ever-changing legal environment, we work very closely with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Department of Commerce (BIS) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to ensure each person and vessel has complete clearance prior to leaving the United States and proper documentation for the vessel’s return to the United States.

In addition, we have agreements with Cuban marinas and governmental organizations allowing our organization the SAFE and SECURE entry and docking of our vessels, completely compliant with the Cuba Visa visitors program.

Each charter vessel will depart from our Harmony Yacht Vacations base located in beautiful Stock Island Marina Village in Key West, Florida bound for the famed Marina Hemingway located just miles from Old Havana.

Pursuant to the guidelines of the US Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), ALL Harmony Yacht Vacations projects to Cuba are still moving forward under current rules and regulations set forth by the administration.  We will be monitoring the specific changes to the process over the coming months.  Once the new regulations have been administered, will adapt our method of operations to adhere strictly to the new process.

November 1-8, 2017 (Call for details)
Join a special trip to Cuba on one of our luxury sailing yachts.  Contact Pam at 888.542.2667 X.1 and reserve your space now! Or EMAIL.



Use Our Yachts

Arrange to charter a vessel within the Harmony Yacht Vacations fleet designed for passage to Cuba. One of our certified captains must be with all Cuba charters or if you or another in your party that may have a certified captains license, you can submit Captain’s Resume for approval. The HYV staff will work in the development of a Cuban itinerary qualifying each person on the vessel for full legal and sanctioned travel to Cuba. In addition, HYV will work with the USCG for clearance of our vessel for passage to Cuba and return to the United States. HYV vessels will be docked at Marina Hemingway, Havana, Cuba, and can be used for accommodations throughout the stay.

  • Requires one of our approved, licensed captains onboard or that charterer has an extensive sailing resume and a captain’s license.
  • Provisioning and Cuba ground concierge and travel services are available
  • Cuba services fee will apply

Use Your Own Yacht

JOIN ONE OF OUR MONTHLY RALLIES!  We can help you take your own vessel to Cuba! Legally sailing the waters to Cuba with your own vessel can be overwhelming. Our staff will help you through every step from reviewing your insurance to certifying the people and vessel for passage both through US governmental organizations such as the USCG as well as Cuban maritime officials. We package everything together so that you and your guests will have a worry-free experience while fulfilling your people-to-people initiative.

  • Provisioning and Cuba ground concierge and travel services are available
  • Cuba services fee will apply

Cuba By The Cabin

Join one of ongoing people-to-people exploration projects to Havana, Cuba. These exciting projects include a private cabin (double occupancy) on one of our luxurious HYV vessels sailing from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba or back. Our yacht will be used as accommodations for your entire stay at Marina Hemingway while each day you travel out to Havana on scheduled excursions. Each project will be defined with a full-time schedule fulfilling one of the OFAC general requirements for legal passage to Cuba.

Cuba Services

Our goal is simple! We provide every aspect of support for your entry into Cuba by vessel, so you can spend your time and energy meeting local Cubans, hearing their stories and enjoying a country untouched by time.

What we include:

  • Vessel insurance review to make sure all non-HYV vessels are compliant with their insurance underwriter for travel within Cuban waters.
  • Vessel insurance for Cuba (for HYV vessels only).
  • All people process including passport and US-OFAC regulation documentation.
  • Complete all forms and approval of the full USCG Cuba package including the Department of Commerce (BIS) application and the USCG application for vessel entry into Cuba and return to the US.
  • Reservation of slip and coordination of vessel into Marina Hemingway.
  • Develop a Cuba ground itinerary specific to goals in Cuba and one of the 12 OFAC regulations.
  • Work with our US authorized Travel Services Providor (TSP) to book hotels, transportation, tours etc.
  • Full information packet provided detailing daily financial needs and what to expect within Cuba.
  • Detailed client briefing with Captain and HYV staff prior to leaving.

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NOTE-Because of high demand, we are working hard to accommodate all booking requests; book and deposit as early as possible to ensure your charter!

CLICK HERE to send us basic information regarding your request and you will be contacted within 1-business day or call Pam Burns (888) 542-2667 X.1

Explore Cuba
BEYOND THE MARINA – Discover Cuba!
Harmony Yacht Vacations, working with our HAVANATUR and US-based Travel Services Provider (TSP), will create unique fact and fun filled daily itineraries designed to interact directly with the Cuban people fulfilling many of the twelve OFAC general licenses required for US citizens to travel to Cuba. These may include:

  • Discover Afro-Cuban music with visits to local concert venues and meet local musicians and artists.
  • Discuss historic preservation with local experts.
  • Witness Cuba’s shifting cultural and economic landscape on visits to schools, art studios, and privately owned businesses.
  • Engage with Cuban professionals in a specially arranged discussion on education, economics, social issues, the role of government, and other topics of interest.
  • HEMINGWAY’S CUBA – Visit Finca Vigía, the former home of Ernest Hemingway. The director of the museum joins us to share a Cuban perspective on Hemingway’s strong connection to the Cuban people the join a “special” Hemingway crawl through the Old City.

International SeaKeepers E3 Cuba Experience: Ecology, Environment & Education

Harmony Yacht Vacations is proud to be an active partner with the International SeaKeepers and their ongoing work in Cuba.

“SeaKeepers recognizes the need to protect Cuba’s marine and coastal ecosystem and to preserve Marine Protected Areas. Over twenty percent of Cuba is already protected including a significant portion of its waters. To this end, SeaKeepers aims to advance and support the efforts of scientists in Cuba through a collaborative agenda that is customized to fit the interests and abilities of the yacht.“

Every Harmony Yacht Vacation project to Cuba will have elements of Ecology, Environment and Education SeaKeepers (E3) to not only enhance your experience, but to help involve you in this very important endeavor.

Please contact us if you would like to be part of a specific SeaKeepers/Harmony Yacht Vacations Voyage.
MORE INFORMATION on the International SeaKeepers Society.

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