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Around this amazing planet of ours, there are magical places where the sea meets the land. Places of such historic beauty that generations of people have been lured to the sea time and time again. Harmony Yacht Vacations seeks these oases around the globe so that our clients have a true, life-changing experience, going beyond just another boat experience.

Our yachts have been chosen for the finest quality and service in the industry. Our staff constantly monitor and evaluate each yacht within our high standards to insure consistency throughout the fleet, guaranteeing you the best experience. Our organizational goal is simple, to provide the best experience possible with the highest standards of customer service in the charter industry.

 ImageYacht nameLocationTypeCabinsLengthCaptained
Day Sail
Bareboat Charters
Starting At
harmony-escape-galleryHarmony EscapeKey WestMonohull3/3/+Crew55 Feet$1,300$3,000Details
OrionKey WestCatamaran3/344 Feet$1,300$3,498Details
BikiniKey WestCatamaran3/344 Feet$1,300$3,498Details
Thin AirKey WestCatamaran4/241 Feet$1,235$3,180Details
Ocean BlueKey WestMonohull3/245 Feet$1,200$2,745Details
Quince AmorKey WestCatamaran5/550 Feet$1,800$4,500Details
Kia OraKey WestCatamaran4/442 Feet$1,235$3,020Details
NEW!! SimplicityKey WestMonohull3+1/353 Feet$1,300$2,875Details
Second Wind
Key WestMonohull3/3/+Crew54 Feet$1,500$3,125Details
True North
Key WestMonohull3/3/+Crew54 Feet$1,500$3,125Details
Amazing Grace
Key WestMonohull3/246 Feet$1,200$2,745Details
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