Bareboat Charters

Bareboat Chartering
What does bareboat chartering mean? You rent the boat for a duration of time either skippering yourself or hiring a professional. If you are an experienced or licensed captain, there is the fantastic option of chartering our yachts by the day, week or even multiple weeks. If you do not qualify we can assist you in hiring an experienced captain that will be with you for the duration of your charter. Bareboat chartering is an excellent way to charter the entire boat and chart your own course! 

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Day Sail
Bareboat Charters
Starting At
Harmony Escape$1,300$3,000
Sea Dame$1,300$3,180
Summer Breeze $1,050$1,890
Ocean Blue$1,100$2,745
Thin Air$1,300$3,180
Quince Amor$1,800$4,500
Kia Ora$1,300$3,180
Little Darling$1,050$1,845
Second Wind$1,300$3,000
Spell Bound$1,100$2,745
True North$1,300$3,000
Amazing GraceTBDTBD
Special AngelTBDTBD
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